Do you dream of co-creating products, services and processes that help, delight and inspire people? 

UX Design is the process of designing (digital or physical) products and services that are useful, easy to use, interact with and understand. It is about thinking of the journey a user will take, and how to make it a better experience for them.

How do we do it?

We take an iterative, Lean Agile approach, testing early and often. Our approach is creative and multidisciplinary, influenced by Human Centred Design, we employ methods like co-creation sessions and guerrilla testing. We also use many conventional research tools and methods in our quantitative (data based, e.g. Analytics analysis and reporting) and qualitative research, including interviews, focus groups, user feedback and testing. Using Brand Analysis, Online Presence analysis and Competitive Analysis as starting points, we also employ new digital ethnographic techniques where suitable. We communicate using deliverables like Wireframes, Prototypes, Personas, Scenarios, User Stories, Experience mapping, Walkthroughs and further testing and iterations, leading to fine tuning and final delivery. We also communicate through workshops, presentations and lectures.

Who needs it?

Not just limited to corporate clients or startups, UXD can help creative individuals and non-profit organisations gain clarity; whether you are developing a new product, service or creative concept, people from all disciplines can use these methods to better understand and engage with their end users. Startups can use it to help decide if they should pivot or persevere with a new venture.

Investing in UX Design before embarking on a new venture or creative concept will result in delivering something people need, easy to use and enjoyable to engage with.